Classic and motorsport has been created by car designer and photographer Robert Powell.

As a car designer I have collected more than 30 years design experience, 25 years of which have been with two of the most innovative and prestigious automobile companies in the world: Porsche and BMW.

I graduated from the Royal College of Art, London, where I took photography as a second subject and briefly joined Rover before leaving England for the design studios of Porsche. After ten years of automobile, motor sport and industrial design projects I moved to BMW's advanced design and research facility. BMW Technik.

At BMW Technik I was involved in a wide variety of cutting edge design projects ranging from the highly innovative electric vehicles to mid-engined super cars. I led conceptual automotive design projects, such as the BMW Z13 ( shown below), where I was completely responsible for the technical concept, exterior and interior design. These projects were regularly presented by BMW at most of the worlds motor shows. These included the major motor shows in Frankfurt, Paris, Turin, Geneva, Detroit, Tokyo and the smaller events in Stockholm, New York and LA.

In 2000 I joined the BMW group studios where I formulated design strategies, managed the exterior design concept studio then took management responsibility for a new department responsible for exterior detail design, including lighting and wheel design, of the entire BMW car range.

Since 2010 I have been independent as
Powell Design where I am currently working on a range of Industrial, graphic design and consulting projects for a variety of companies in the automotive world and for various household goods producers and engineering companies. Due to my extensive knowledge of livery design at Porsche in the eighties and more recent involvement in F1 at BMW, I can also support collectors, restorers and racing teams with livery design and a range of design services.

All the images on the site, unless otherwise stated, are take by myself and should you have any questions regarding the posters, pictures or services I offer please feel free to contact me using the contact form available. Most of the earlier images where originaly shot using Kodak films and the negatives have been scanned at high resolution to produce the pictures on this site. More recent images have been taken using a variety of Nikon digital cameras and lenses.

I look forward to answering your questions.

Robert Powell

Robert Powell. 1987, while taping the Shell-Dunlop 962c.
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Robert Powell. Powell Design, 2015

BMW Z13 concept car. 1993. Small, luxury, low weight intercity concept with central driving seat and spacious room for 2 passengers


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BMW Z21 or Just 4/2 was designed in 1994. Further images are available.
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