We offer a special service of printing images in larger sizes than those offered normally. Printing directly on DIBOND® we can print images up to 3000mm x 1500mm.

All images are carefully scanned in at high resolution and a certain amount of retouching work, when needed, is done in photoshop. All photos are originally from 35mm film. Once the pre-printing process is finished the data is given to our partner who cuts the aluminum sheet to the correct size and prepares the data for printing.

The printing process can begin. The pre-cut DIBOND® is placed on the printer bed and held in place by suction. The printer then starts it work. The process used is the industrial printing quality Ultra violet printing process which means that the Ultra violet sensitive inks are hardened immediately by ultra violet light. On several pictures this green light can be seen. This produces a matt, water resistant finish.

This surface continues to harden for 24 hours but is safe to carry immediately after printing. The prints can be hung using a simple aluminum 'U' form profile system which is included with each picture.

For further protection, ( but at extra cost) should your print be exposed to extreme elements, is the application of a protective film. The surface is then less prone to scratches but does have a slightly glossy finish. The Gilles Villeneuve print shown here is the basic matt finish.

5 images to the right show the process. The images are reworked for a print of this size. The flat bed, Ultra violet ink and Ultra violet light printer can handle sizes up to 1500mm x 3000mm if required.
The finished print in the size of 1200mm x 790mm can be seen compared to a BMW.

The Ferarri image of this size costs €365.00 + post and packing but please contact us for more information. Practically every image shown on this site can be produced in this format.

DIBOND is the original aluminum composite panel, combining a UV resistant polyethylene core with two premium aluminum alloy surface layers. Its lightweight yet rigid characteristics make DIBOND the perfect substrate material for signage, exhibition stands, displays, interior design, POS/POP and shop fitting. With a broad range of surfaces, formats and processing capabilities.






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On a recent trip to the Hague I visited the stunning Louwman Museum. The world's oldest collection of motor cars dates back to the 1930's and comprises more than two hundred and thirty antique classic and racing cars from all periods.

The present museum was custom built to house this stunning collection and is located only a few kilometers from the Hague itself.

It is really worth spending a few hours there following the directions to see all of the exhibits. At the end of the tour one ends up in the 'old town' part of the museum where more interesting exhibits can be seen. A coffee drunk in the corner of this area rounds of the visit.

It is easy to reach and easy to park.

On the next page there is a small slide show taking a look at some of the cars on exhibition.

Here is a link to the official museum website.


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NEWS: Visiting the Louwmann Museum near the Hague, Holland

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