Retouching and rescale to 1200mm x 760mm.

Printing the Alu-Dibond image.


  Alu-Dibond printing process from 35mm Kodak film following scanning, retouch and resizing. Image size: 1200mm x 760mm

 Original photos: Negatives and slides: Magazines and books: Digital images:


Classic and Motorsport offers a highly individual service where we can take your favorite original photos, negatives, slides, digital images or pictures from magazines / books and rework them for reproduction as Art prints in the sizes of A4, A3 and A2 or larger scale Alu-Dibond prints.

Our process:

Please contact us first using out contact page giving us the basic details of your requirements. We will then contact you to discuss your project and its realization. We then make an approximate, non binding, offer as to the costs involved.
Following agreement 'per email' the process can begin.

Original Photos:

Once we receive your photo(s) and we suggest sending them by registered post if they are of value, our process begins. The images are scanned in at high resolution then taken in to Photoshop for retouching. Should we receive especially older and faded pictures and those with a sepia tint we will contact you to make sure that this 'aged' character be retained or removed. We have various options.

Scratches and dust marks will also be removed. This process takes on average one to three hours. Upon receipt of your work we will make you an offer about the costs involved before starting the project. Our hourly rate for this work is €65.50.

The Ferarri at Monaco, bottom left, in 1954 was scanned, retouched, rescaled and printed from an original 4x6 ich faded picture. Image can be seen on the Classics and More: Rolls Royce page

Negatives and slides:

Upon receipt of your negatives or slides will will start our process. Negatives and slides are scanned in at very high resolution producing a basic data size of around 100mb. per image. A small amount of dust and scratches can be removed during scanning but this mostly happens in the photoshop process. Here we start by optimizing the scan before retouching and then rescaling the negative.

Following this process ( which can take, in general, one hour for clean well exposed images and up to 3 hours should a large amount of retouching be needed) the data is prepared for printing either on our own Photorealistic Epson printers or given to our partner for printing on Alu-Dibond.

Most of the Porsche motorsport and Hockenheim F1 pictures sold on this site where scanned in from Kodak 35mm negatives and Kodachrome slide film. If the basic negative is 'in Focus' and of good quality then enlargements and prints up to the size of 1160mm x 500 mm are possible. Obviously the larger we go with the enlargement the grainer the image become but this is usually totally acceptable and at a comfortable viewing distance hardly noticeable.

Please note we will not handle your order if we feel that the negative or slides that you send us are not suitable for enlargement.

Magazines and Books:

Many of us have our favorite images within our book or magazine collections and would like to have these printed as large scale printouts on photo paper or Alu-Dibond.

It is important to note that most of these images are copyrighted either by the the original Photographer or publisher. This service is offered for NON COMMERCIAL USE which you agree upon once placing the order per email.

Scanning in images from books can be a complicated process especially if the image is full page and disappear into the spine. 'Pressing' a book flat so that it can be scanned on a flat bed scanner can damage the book. If this is the case we use a partner who has special scanning machines for this type of problem.

Older books and magazines are often printed at lower resolution than modern literature and this has to be assessed at the start of the scanning process.
Another important aspect is called desreening. Here the offset printing CMYK ' dots' of a magazine or book which would become highly visible upon enlargement have to be 'blended' together to form more solid areas of colour. Generally said An A4 size magazine or book print with careful desreening and progressive enlargement in photoshop will easily print in the size of 1200mm x 700mm. For one collector we have already used this process on 30 images scanned in from vintage magazine articles and books and have printed them on Alu Dibond with stunning results.

Some of these prints were two page images which often means that several millimeters can be missing in the middle. We can generally retouch this.

Digital images:

Please send us your digital image in the highest resolution possible. This makes the rest of the printing process easier.

Highest quality JPEG's or Tiff: data can be uploaded to us using 'we transfer'.

As with the other printing processes please contact us to discuss the project before sending any images.


Our hourly rate for this work is €65.50 per hour.

Prints in the size of A4, A3 and A2 are individually printed on Epson semi gloss, 251g/m2 paper.

A4: 210mm x 297mm
+ P&P

A3 :297mm x 420mm
€32.50 + P&P

A2: 420mm x 594mm

€48.50 + P&P

Alu-Dibond printing costs are calculated for each order.

Please contact us if you have any questions.




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 Printing, scanning and photo retouching service:

Original photos.
All sizes up to A4 in colour. sepia or black and white.

Negatives and slides: Both Colour and Black and White.
We can process all sizes from 35mm up to 4" x 5"

Digital images.

Magazines and books.

3 large scale Alu-Dibond images,1200mm x 760mm in an office environment

  Magazines and books: Typical 2 page scan :


A collector wanted a two page magazine picture enlarged and printed on Alu-Dibond in the size of 1400mm x 650mm.
Following scanning it can be seen that the center of the picture is missing. Text, top left; is also being removed.


This detail shows how carefully such projects are retouched. Part of the K and the E where missing and are carefully recreated.

The finished retouched picture.

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copyright © 2014 : Classic and Motorsport.

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