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Porsche 917 Martini car Nr 21

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01. Atlas 1202 digger. 1976
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02. Atlas 1202 digger. 1976
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03. Eicher Tractor. 975ccm. PS 15.
1962. 1150mm x 765mm
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These individually printed images are offered in the standard size of 1150mm x 765mm, though this
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Aluminium Dibond Prints: 1150mm x 765mm

Many thanks to the Thyssenkrupp Corporate Archives for there help and sharing their press releases and photos.

This stunning Porsche 911, which was first shown by Thyssen Krupp in 1967, is in many ways a mystery. The car stands today in Munich, in a corner of the Munich ‘Verkehrszentrums’ museum, on a simple wooden plinth with a short description.

My attempts to find the complete story always lead to a dead end which is so surprising as German projects, especially those from Porsche, are always well documented.

In the late sixties the German Stainless steel AG was pushing the use, in the automotive world, of their various grades of stainless steel. ( More information in the full press release below ) and it is ‘presumed’ their marketing department decided to build a stunning exhibition piece to do so.

How they came to Porsche remains a mystery although it can be assumed that a Stainless Porsche would attract far more attention, as an exhibition piece than a Ford or other cars of the time.

Research about the project has to start at Porsche and to my surprise absolutely nothing was to be learned from them. The Porsche archives in Zuffenhausen have no records what so ever!. It was suggested I contact the Thyssen Krupp information centre and they where as helpful as they could be. They sent me the fascinating press release ( below) and a few other photos and stories but regrettably had absolutely no documentation about building the car but informed me that Blanco GmbH, the Stainless steel sink manufacture, was responsible.

Blanc & Co. was founded as a Family business in 1925 in the town of Oberderdingen ( Baden Württemberg). In 1951 they started producing stainless steel sinks (Nirosta) and is now one of the leading international manufacturers of domestic and catering equipment technology.

Stefan Kohl, Head of Corporate communication from Blanco stated in another article "It is correct, the stainless steel body of the Porsche was built by us”.

The body being built from cold rolled stainless steel, being mechanical and partly handcrafted then welded together.

The town of Oberderdingen ( Baden Würtenburg) is only 45km from Zuffenhausen which would make the logistics of such a project easy.

Blanco GmbH has no surviving documentation of the project which would be so great to see but then comes the final mystery.

In 2017, a now 92 year engineer, Werner H. was interviewed by a German newspaper about the project. He was technical director and remembers this unique project well. He actually drove the car and recalls it being built from one type of stainless steel with the internal number 0.4301 which had a 9% Nickel content.

He goes on to say (and this is when the mystery returns) that the car wasn't built at Blanco but most probably a Porsche factory.

The car itself weighs 1030 kilos. The standard 911-S Coupe with the 160 hp two-liter six-cylinder was 1080 kilograms

Meaning that the car was actually 50 kilograms lighter than the existing car.

A stunning car with a more than mystical history. I really feel it deserves a more fitting resting place than a corner in the museum


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